Travel to Bhutan: The Dragon Kingdom

The Dragon Kingdom

Bhutan has always been a mysterious country in my eyes. I only know a handful of travelers who have visited the country and it doesn’t often make the news or any travel lists. It is a small country in the Himalayas, best known for the Tiger’s Nest, and being difficult destination to reach for tourists.

Visiting Bhutan was one of my travel goals I set two years ago and a country I had been wanting to visit for much longer.

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I knew I was flying into a magical place the moment our plane cruised past the summit of Mt. Everest and our pilot banked a hard left between the Himalayan peaks.

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The airport in Paro, Bhutan set the tone for our adventure across Bhutan. The traditional design of the buildings resembled those in the city of Paro. The city has done a great job maintaining the cultural architecture of the past while welcoming modern amenities.

Yeoong Tours & Travel greeted Gareth, Tourist2Townie, and I at the airport and our journey across Bhutan had begun. These are my favorite photos from one of my favorite countries in the world.

Bhutan: An Adventure Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom

Paro Bhutan Airport

Photos of BhutanPhotos of Bhutan

The first of many Dzongs in Bhutan was the Rinpung Dzong, a fortress and monastery overlooking the town of Paro and the valley below. Photos of BhutanPhotos of BhutanPhotos of Bhutan

Tourist2Townie crossing a colorful suspension bridge outside Paro, Bhutan. Photos of BhutanThe construction of the worlds largest Buddha statue in Thimphu, Bhutan.
Buddha Dordenma

The view of Thimphu, Bhutan. Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan and more modern than Paro. Photos of Bhutan

Buddha Dordenma

On a visit to a Bhutanese trade school we observed students developing skills in many professions. The level of detail that goes into these paintings is incredible. Photos from Bhutan School

I am convinced we had the best guides in Bhutan. They were knowledgeable and always up for having a good time in any situation. At the end of the trip these guys were our friends and are one of the reasons I will have to return to Bhutan with Yeoong Tours & TravelPunakha dzong Bhutan

There is no question the Punakha Dzong was my favorite in Bhutan. Punakha dzong BhutanPhotos of Bhutan Photos of Bhutan

This is my favorite photo from the trip and one of my favorites of all time. Punakha dzong Monk BhutanBhutan Photos Bhutan Photos

Archery is huge in Bhutan and these guys have some serious skill. Archery in Bhutan

Tourist2Townie always gettin’ the shot. See what it looked like through the lens here.Photos of BhutanPhotos of Bhutan

Every day in Bhutan there was something new and amazing to see. We were the only tourists at this Dzong and had the chance to sit in on prayers with the Buddhist monks. Photos of BhutanPhotos of Bhutan Photos of BhutanMy first glimpse of the Tiger’s Nest. This was the reason I wanted to visit Bhutan. We were told it takes some people up to 4 hours to reach the top but most could do it in 2-2.5 hours. We were so excited we were to the top in 1 hour and had the entire place to ourselves.

The Tiger's Nest BhutanThe Tiger's Nest Bhutan The Tiger's Nest Bhutan

The Tiger’s Nest. The Tiger's Nest BhutanPhotos from Bhutan Photos from Bhutan

Tourists becoming Townies. Photos from Bhutan

Photos from BhutanThere is no question I will return to Bhutan. I made great friends and had a awesome experience.

More from Bhutan!

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  • Beautiful shots, really loved it. Bhutan is always in my bucket list, now the desire to visit the place increasing.

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    Beautiful pics. Truly amazing post. Bhutan is a blessed country of God.

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    did you have to pay the $250/day required fee?

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    Interesting Post & Awesome Images. It is really a Beautiful Post. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Bhutan Bokar

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    We will be in Bhutan in just two weeks. We are excited. Jewley

  • PiotrekKulczycki

    Such a unique place! Your photos are beautiful!

  • looks like you guys are having a great time. I think I saw this place on a film before, I don’t remember what it is but I heard it was beautiful and most exciting part is that the people are very kind too. Thanks for sharing. You got me inspired here, I wish to visit this place soon. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Nika |

  • Wow!!! Really amazing… Very beautiful place really.. I must visit there….

  • Tenzin Rai

    Nice Images. Yes, it is true that Bhutan is a mysterious mysterious country. There is different places to visit and get the experiences like Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Zuri Dzong Hike and worlds largest Buddha statue in Thimphu etc. I visited with the care of a travel agency Bhutan Mahayana Tours .