The Tiger's Nest Bhutan

A Trek into the Tiger’s Nest of Bhutan

The Tiger’s Nest, or Paro Taktsang as it is known locally, is what drew my attention to the country of Bhutan. I knew little about the last Himalayan Kingdom besides what I had seen in photos. The trek to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan is something I had been dreaming about for years and it did not disappoint. The views from the hike to the top were worth it alone but the best part was yet to come.

Trek to the Tiger's Nest- Bhutan

History of the Tiger’s Nest

The temple complex was first built in 1692 around a cave but it dates back to the 8th century as a mediation site. This cave is where it is said Guru Padmasambhava meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days and three hours in the 8th century.

Favorite Photos- Bhutan: An Adventure Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom

According to legend, Padmasambhava flew to the cave on the back of a Tiger. Taktsang literally means “Tiger’s lair,” which comes from an alternative legend involving the former wife of the emperor and Padmasambhava. She transferrred herself into a Tigress and carried Padmasambhava from Tibet. Again, this is where Padmasambhava mediated but this time emerged in 8 different forms and why the Tiger’s Nest is such an important site among Buddhists.

Legends aside, the Tiger’s Nest will leave you speechless. It is one of the most impressive sites I have ever seen.

Location of the Tiger’s Nest

The Tiger’s Nest can be found just over 6 miles north of Paro. It is hanging on a cliff 10,240 ft over the Paro Valley. From the ground it is often shrouded by a thick mist but this glimpse alone will motivate you to reach the top.

The Tiger's Nest Bhutan

Trek into the Tiger’s Nest of Bhutan

I had read in guides and forums the trek to the top could take up to 4 hours but many said 2-2.5 hours was more realistic. Our guide told us his record to the top was 45 minutes so of course we decided to try and keep up. We made it up in exactly 1 hour moving at a very fast pace and we were rewarded with spectacular views all to ourselves.

At a medium pace the top can be reached in 2 hours and it is a fairly easy climb. It is a steady and long walk up hill on a dirt path. I wore casual boots but it could be completed in trainers as well.

The Tiger's Nest Bhutan

 Keys to Making Your Tiger’s Nest Trek Memorable

  1. Do not leave this to the last day. Many tours in Bhutan leave this to the last day and depending on the time of year rain could ruin your trek. Leave an extra day at the end of your trip to be safe.
  2. I do not recommend going here first. Paro is where the airport is located and many tours bring their guests straight to the Tiger’s Nest. For many, this is all they know about Bhutan. You do not want to experience it tired. And leaving it for the end of your trip is a bonus after an incredible tour of Bhutan.
  3. Arrive very early. Tourism in Bhutan is not overwhelming but there are still small buses unloading at the Tiger’s nest in the morning. Beat these buses and you will have the view and the photo spots all to yourself. We arrived about 30 minutes after the buses but luckily the groups moved slowly up the trail.
  4. Bring water. There is a cafe located half-way up the trail but do not stop at it on the way up. If you want to beat the crowds bring a snack and some water to keep moving. There are benches to rest along the way.
  5. Enjoy the View. Once you arrive at the viewpoints take it all in. There is no rush to go inside and no photos are allowed in the monastery anyway. Take your time enjoying the moment and taking those photos that will last a lifetime.

The Tiger's Nest Bhutan

My Favorite Photos from the Tiger’s Nest

The Tiger’s Nest will remain one of my favorite moments from traveling for life. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Enjoy it.

Triphackr at the Tiger's NestThe Tiger's Nest Bhutan

Traveling to Bhutan to see the Tiger’s Nest is a moment I will never forget. I couldn’t have done it without my knowledgeable and fun guides and a great tour company.

If you want to use the same company as me check out Yeoong Tours & Travel. I highly recommend them.

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    We came back from Bhutan early June. Hiking Tiger Nest was our best experience in Bhutan. It was really an epic hiking for me. I would put “bring sweets like candy” for the hike especially if one’s blood sugar easily drops.

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  • Been thinking of visiting Bhutan but it seems very expensive for me right now. Looks absolutely beautiful and untouched by heavy tourism though.

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      I’ve been there last year- did this trek–its absolutely spectacular. Definitely worth a visit for everybody in their lifetime..
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