Favorite Travel Gear

3 of My Favorite Travel Accessories

There are a few travel accessories I don’t travel without. These products keep my gear charged, make life easier, and improve things I already have. It just so happens Belkin makes some of my favorite travel accessories. Their products help power my devices at home and keep my batteries charged on the go. These are three of my favorite Belkin travel accessories.

SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger

A few years ago I wrote about the one product I always carry with me on a trip. This item happened to be the SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger from Belkin. I bought it to turn those terribly placed hotel room outlets into 5 outlets (2 USB ports). I use it at airports when only have access to one outlet and in hotel rooms where there is only one conveniently placed outlet and I need more spaces to charge my gear. This little device will turn one outlet into 5 and has saved the day for me many times. I never leave home without it.

 SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger

MIXIT Power RockStar Portable Battery

Portable batteries have part of my packing lists for years and now I can’t leave home without them. They keep my phone, camera, GoPro, and any miscellaneous gear charged on the road. Without keeping my gear charged I couldn’t capture all those photos and videos which is why I carry the MIXIT Power RockStar.

Portable Charger Belkin

Classic Leather Band for Apple Watch

I’ve recently started wearing an Apple Watch when I travel. I held out for a while but have found it useful for managing trips, fitness tracking, and even keeps me from checking my phone so often which is always nice. The Apple Watch comes with a rubber watch band which gets the job done but I prefer a more watch-like band on my wrists. Belkin offers the Classic Leather Band for Apple Watch in three colors and has that travel style I am looking for.

Classic Leather Band for Apple Watch

Favorite Travel Accessories

I carry a lot of gear when I travel but these are three I never leave home without. Take a look at all my  gear on my travel gear page for all of my favorites.




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  • Nice items Clint. I bring at least 2 powerbanks when travelling. I guess that’s why I always forget my charger. I keep thinking I’m good to go. They keep on giving up on me though. I have to get a new one every couple of months.

  • What a amazing images! Great information for travelers…… Great things having. Thank you so much for sharing it.