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Best Travel Gear

My Favorite Travel Gear

I’ve tested a lot of gear over the years around the world. Some has been good and some I would never recommend on Triphackr. Below you will find gear I use when I travel, products I have used and gadgets I’ve tested on various trips.

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Best Travel Backpacks

A backpack can make or break a trip. Too large and heavy really slows you down and if you don’t have enough space you will have to sacrifice on things you need. I have tested way too many backpacks because I am obsessed with finding the best one. These are my favorites.


GR2- 40 Liter Pack is rugged and ready to handle any adventure. More info on GORUCK


Tortuga Backpack

Bring everything you need without checking a bag. More info about this great backpack on Tortuga.



The ultimate carry-on bag. The slim and sleek design offers minimal bulk but a lot of space.


Tom Bihn

The Aeronaut 45 can be a shoulder bag, backpack, or duffel bag.

Tom Bihn Aeronaut

The Best Day Packs

Day packs are also really important and something I never leave home without. A small back makes a great addition when trekking through the jungle or just strolling around the city. Keep your camera, guide book and a bottle of water handy without a heavy pack slowing you down.


I own this pack and carry it everywhere. It carries my laptop and is a great carry-on and day pack. Read my full review here or head over to GORUCK.



Another favorite brand and day pack of mine is the Osprey Daylite pack. It is small and can be packed empty inside a larger carry-on for use on arrival.

Osprey Daylite Pack

Backup Travel Batteries

I take these batteries everywhere. They are great for planes, airports, and any time I need an extra charge for my phone or GoPro. They can even charge two portables at once. The larger battery offers a few more charges but both are great options. I carry the larger one in my pocket often but the smaller one is a nice alternative.


Best Camera Gear

I usually find myself with too many camera options but that’s ok because they all offer something different. Whether it’s a GoPro, DSLR, point-and-shoot, or just my iPhone they all serve a purpose.

GoPro  HERO4 Black
I never leave home without my GoPro. It is small, light, and versatile. There are a few price levels but I carry the Black edition. The Silver is great for most just looking to have some fun.
GoPro 4 Hero Black
Cannon PowerShot S120
I also carry a point-and-shoot camera for days I don’t want to carry my large DLSR. It is also great for shooting non-action videos. This is a powerful and compact camera.Canon PowerShot S120
Sony a7ii
I love this camera and use it on every trip. This camera is mirrorless and lighter than traditional Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras which means less weight to carry and pack.
Sony a7II
Sony 70-200mm Lens
The nice thing about the Sony a7 is that you can buy an adapter to use with any brand of cameras. That means you can use your Canon or Nikon lenses with it. If you stick with Sony the 70-200mm is great option.
Sony 70-200mm Lens

Camera Accessories

Domke Shoulder Bag
Domke makes a lot of great camera bags. I carry this one which holds my DSLR and point and shoot as well as a couple of extra batteries.
Domke Shoulder Bag
DSLR Camera Strap
The camera straps that come with new cameras are terrible. Black Rapid makes the perfect camera strap for a DSLR.
Black Rapid Camera Strap


Other Camera Accessories

I always carry a backup battery or two when I am out for the day along with a couple of extra memory cards. The Black Rapid wrist strap is a nice alternative the the shoulder strap.

Black Rapid Wrist Strap
I like this for days I don’t want to carry my shoulder strap and am just walking around the city.
 Black Rapid Wrist Strap with FastenR FR-3
Pelican Memory Card Case
This is great for packing 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards and 6 micro SD cards and protecting them all.
Pelican Memory Card Case


Best GoPro Accessories

Once you pick up a new GoPro you are going to want to find the best accessories. I have tested a lot of these and carry many of them with me. Here are some of my favorites.

All my Favorite GoPro Travel Accessories

XShot Pro Extender
This is a great GoPro extender pole. It extends to 32 inches, collapses to only 7 inches, and weighs 7 ounces.
XShot Pro Extender
POV Pole 36″ GoPro-Edition
I have also tried this pole out. It is cheaper than the XShot Pro but is noticeably less stable. It will get the job done if needed.
 POV Pole 36" GoPro-Edition
Wasabi Power Battery Dual Charger
GoPro sells backup batteries but I have found these batteries from Wasabi to be awesome. I carry 4 extra batteries charged whenever I go out with my GoPro.
Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Dual Charger for GoPro HERO4
Anker Portable Battery Charger
When I need to charge on the run I use this Anker charger. It can charge my GoPro backup batteries from anywhere. This is a perfect combo with the Wasabi Power Pack.
Anker Portable Charger

Travel Photo Backup System

Never lose another vacation photo. Backup your photos online or bring a durable portable external hard drive with you when you travel. I can’t rely on online photo backup when I have no access to WiFi or very slow internet. An external hard drive is a great addition to your travel gear list.

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Protecting Your Gear

Now that you have some awesome travel gear you will want to protect it.

LifeProof iPhone Case
This case is great and I use it all the time. It’s perfect for water, sand, dirt and any adventure.
LifeProof Case iPhone 6
Pelican Memory Card Case
This is great for packing 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards and 6 micro SD cards and protecting them all.
Pelican Memory Card Case
GoPro Carrying Case
Keep you GoPro stay and organized with this small padded case designed just for your GoPro gear.
GoPro Carrying Case
Lowepro Fastpack-350
Keep your expensive DSLR safe in this backpack designed to carry it. It’s padded and compact.
 Lowepro Fastpack 350-Black

Travel Clothing

Of course you can wear anything you want when you travel and this varies by climate, season, and country but some clothing is a lot more versatile than others. Clothing that can be worn more than once means less space is taken up in your luggage. Merino wool is one of the best clothing options available. It doesn’t smell after being worn on a hot day and is good for cold and wet climates.

Travel Shirts

There are different weight shirts for different climates as well as other styles. I have 4 of these men’s shirt that I wear all the time. It’s my favorite shirt for any trip.

 Travel Socks

Not usually a big concern but socks can make a difference especially when walking a new city all day or hiking for a couple of hours. Again I like merino wool socks. They are comfortable in my boots and good for warm and cool days. They are thin and re-wearable. Icebreaker and Smartwool both make excellent socks and boxers too.

Travel Pants

All pants are travel pants right? Well sort of but I wear travel pants from Bonobos and they are great. If you ever want to fit in almost anywhere in the world do not wear shorts. Shorts are a great way to stand out almost anywhere outside the US.

Pants are more versatile anyway. I’ve worn these hiking, around the city and out to dinner.

Flying Gear

Airplanes are not the most comfortable place to spend long hours but you can make the best of it. Pick up a few small essentials and make your flight a little more comfortable.

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This is essential because they always turn on those overhead lights when you’re trying to sleep.
Bring extras since they can easily fall out and it’s nice to share.
I’ve used over-ear and ear buds and I like them both. It really is just about how much space I have in my backpack or duffel.
Bose Headphones
Neck Pillow
These look a little ridiculous and it does take up quite a bit of space but it does help me sleep. Anything over 6 hours and I bring mine.
Neck Pillow



*Please note some of these products contain affiliate links but that comes at no cost to you. I only recommend products I use or would use mysef. Thanks!