The Art of Travel Hacking- Book a Free Flight

The Art of Travel Hacking: Learn to Fly for Free


The Art of Travel Hacking Book


Wouldn’t you love to book FREE flights and FREE hotel rooms all over the world? Or fly first class on a dream vacation for free? Well you can because I do it every year.

 I earn hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles every year- Without ever getting on a plane! 

How is this possible? The answer is travel hacking.


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What is Travel Hacking?

Travel hacking is the art of collecting frequent flyer miles and points to travel for FREE.

Miles and points can be used towards free hotel rooms and free flights around the world. Getting started is simple and I am going to show you how I do it.

Why You Should Start Travel Hacking

 You can save thousands of dollars every year on flights

 That includes booking those expensive international flights and domestic flights for free

 You can redeem miles for business class or first class– the choice is yours

 You can earn elite status on airlines and enjoy more perks

 You can earn points for free hotel rooms

 You don’t need to be a frequent flyer- miles and points are earned without flying

Who can start travel hacking?

 Budget Travelers





 Frequent Flyers

 Business Travelers


 Anyone can become a travel hacking master  

Welcome to Triphackr. My name is Clint and I have been travel hacking for years. I was tired of paying full fare for flights so I started travel hacking to save money. I have been able to travel to more than 75 countries without ever paying full price.

Vacations don’t need to be so expensive thanks to travel hacking.

Example of Booking Free Flights

This past March I booked a flight to Brazil for $58. I did the same thing for the World Cup in June. That saved me thousands of dollars on airfare for just two flights. I booked my flights for free using miles. Not bad for an international round-trip flight.

Travel Hacking Brazil

*$58 in fees from the booking with miles- A $1,200 value

Mark’s Travel Hacking Example

A couple of months ago my friend Mark asked me the best way to join me in Brazil by travel hacking. Using what is included in this book he was able to earn enough miles to fly to Brazil with miles he earned very quickly. Mark is on his way to becoming an expert travel hacker all from following the steps in this book.

Travel Hacking Brazil
*$53 in fees from the booking with miles- A $1,300 value

This is just one example of travel hacking and like Mark, I have used it to book free flights all over the world.

The possibilities of where you can travel are endless once you start Travel Hacking.

The Art of Travel Hacking

The Art of Travel Hacking: A Guide for Beginners and Frequent Flyers.

This book will show you how to book free trips just like Mark.

Whether you are a frequent flyer or only fly once a year you will benefit from the methods in this book.

This Book Will Make You a Travel Hacking Master

 Learn how travel hacking works and how you can take advantage of every opportunity to earn miles and points. Airline loyalty programs can be a bit overwhelming but I simplify them in this book.The Art of Travel Hacking Book

 Find out which credit cards offer the best rewards and how to maximize free flights. There are dozens of travel cards available but some are a lot better than others. This includes how to meet minimum spending requirements, manufacture spends, and maintain great credit.

 Learn how I travel hack without using credit cards. There are a lot of ways to earn miles without ever signing up for another credit card.

 Earning miles booking hotels. If you want the option to earn miles for your favorite airline instead of joining another hotel rewards program you can learn how.

 Learn how to earn bonus miles dining out at your favorite restaurants.

 Learn how to earn bonus miles on every purchase you make online.

 Find out how to go on a mileage run and how it can earn you elite status on an airline.

 Learn advanced hacks. The book is for anyone from beginners to frequent flyers and there is something to learn for every type of traveler.

 Hear what the experts have to say. Expert travel hackers will tell you their secrets to getting the most out of travel hacking.

 And much much more! I can’t write it all out here but trust me this book is packed with info and will become your ultimate travel hacking resource.

I have spent years mastering the art of travel hacking. There is no way I could travel as often as I do without using the methods in this book.


Join me and start travel hacking today!



Bonus! The Experts Share Their Secrets


Chris Lopinto ExerptFlyerExpertFlyer President and Co-Founder, Chris Lopinto shares his tips on travel hacking, booking award travel, and getting upgrades. He started ExpertFlyer with the intention to help people who want to travel just like us. See what Chris has to say inside the book


 Chris is an expert on award travel.


credit karma logoCredit cards are optional for travel hacking and one way to earn miles quickly. There are a lot of unanswered questions about signing up. Our expert will share when to get the best travel credit cards and answer many common credit questions related to these cards for travelers. This book covers travel hacking with and without credit cards.

 Learn from a Credit Karma Expert


Alec Barron

Alec freed himself of the office life so he could help people achieve their travel dreams through travel hacking their way to free flights. He will show you how he got started and put you on the path to booking free flights. He shares  his practical tips and tools at You Can Fly For Free.

 Alec will show you how to calculate miles for trips and meet spends with his custom credit card calculator.


Start Flying for Free!

The Art of Travel Hacking is on sale! The 2015 V2 will be out this year and you will receive that updated copy free with this purchase- a $39 value free!

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SALE: This book is available for $39.00 as an instant download!

Now just $19.00!

 Money Back Guarantee

180 Day No-Risk Refund if you can’t earn enough miles to book at least one flight from this book in 180 days I will refund your purchase.

I want you to start flying for free and book your dream vacation. I made this book to simplify travel hacking and teach you to become an expert travel hacker. I am confident you will book be able to book a flight with miles in the next few months.

Why are you charging $39 for this book $19 for this book?

This book will become your resource for booking free flights and earning miles every year. That is why I am guaranteeing you will earn enough miles to book at least one free flight in the next 180 days. You can save thousands of dollars a year on travel using the information in this book.

Travel hacking has one goal and that is to save you money on travel and book free flights and hotel rooms.

 You can save thousands of dollars every year on flights

 You can book your dream vacation using points and miles

 You can book free hotel rooms for your next trip

 You will learn how to earn miles without flying

 You will see the benefit travel hacking and start flying for free

How do I know you will save money? Because I save thousands of dollars every year using the methods described in the book and you can too.

This book will become your travel hacking resource and is more than a standard ebook. When you buy this book you will be buying your go-to-guide for saving money on flights and hotels every year. Traveling for free is amazing and anyone can follow this guide and start earning miles!

Who should buy this book?

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how earn miles to redeem for free flights and hotels. That said, it only applies to Americans. There are  ways to travel hack outside of the U.S. Canadians and U.K. residents will find some value from the book but it is designed from U.S. residents.

You are not a frequent flyer should you buy this book?

Yes. If you fly once a year or once a month this book is right for you. Travel hackers don’t have to be travel often. They are only interested in earning miles and points to earn free flights.

You can use this book to book a dream vacation or  your next adventure.

How do you get the book?

Once you buy the book you will receive an email with download instructions. You will be able to read it on your computer, eBook, and tablets. This includes kindles, nooks, and iPads.

You don’t want to open credit cards or have limited credit should you buy it?

Yes. You don’t have to use credit cards to earn miles. Credit cards are only one path to free flights. The last two flights I booked with miles didn’t use miles earned from a single credit card.

Travel hacking will save you money. Join me and Start Travel Hacking Today.

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I have been traveling to over 100 countries by using the methods I share on this site. My goal is to maximize every trip and make the most of my adventures. Join me on Instagram.

  • Mark Garretson

    Bought the book to help with my next Travel Hacking adventure! Business class flights and Hyatt suites in Paris!

    • Awesome, Mark. Sounds like you are going to have an amazing 2014!

  • Devon Lynn Littlefield

    Traveling is my passion, I am broke but making it happen. Traveling has been the best decision I could have ever made. I cannot cannot cannot wait to become a travel hacking expert thanks to you Clint!

    I NEED to go to Croatia and Greece I’ve always dreamt of it now lets make it happen 😉

    • Travel hacking has made it possible for me to travel on a budget so I know you can do the same. Once you are able to book the free flight it frees up a lot of your budget. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions. Croatia is one of my favorite countries!

  • Heather Grice

    Thanks for this resource Clint – I’m excited to dive in! Hopefully we’ll find some good tips as we start planning our New Zealand honeymoon.

    Congrats on your first book!

    • Sounds great, Heather! Let me know if you have any questions along the way. Your honeymoon sounds like it will be an amazing trip!

  • wernigj

    This is great Clint — I can’t wait to dig into it! My wife and I will be reading this on our flight to Peru next month and using it to plan our next trip to South Africa.

    • Thanks and enjoy your trip! Peru is high on my list and so is South Africa. Getting that flight with miles will certainly pay off.

  • Matt

    Has the code for the book expired already? I’m in Mexico now and have had spotty internet. Ugh!! Love the site and info either way. Thinking about joining the cartel.

    • Hey Matt, if you sign up for my newsletter you will get a promo code. You can sign up on the homepage. And I love the Cartel. It is worth doing the trial just to learn a lot more about travel hacking. I posted a review of the Cartel here. But to give you an idea I have already saved about $3,500 on flights for 2014 alone from travel hacking.

    • Hey Matt, if you sign up for my newsletter you will get a promo code. You can sign up on the homepage. And I love the Cartel. It is worth doing the trial just to learn a lot more about travel hacking. I posted a review of the Cartel here. But to give you an idea I have already saved about $3,500 on flights for 2014 alone from travel hacking.

      And thanks for checking out the site. Good luck with the Wi-Fi!

    • Matt

      Thanks for the reply Clint. I am signed up for your newsletter. I think I just missed the deadline for the code. It said expired.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I just updated the code to keep it active so it should it work now. If there are any issues just email me and I’ll send you a new one: Thanks!

  • Alina

    I’m about to book a flight to Australia for my 25th birthday…if I buy the book now would I be able to find a free flight if I buy your book?

    • Hi Alina, when is your birthday? You can certainly earn the miles to cover the flight but you will need some time to accumulate them depending on the methods you choose to use. Let me know when your birthday is and I will let you know. Thanks!

  • Polly

    Is it the same as ? Can the codes be used on this platform?

    Happy Christmas

  • mark

    trying to buy the book but its a dead link….

    • Hi Mark, I’m updating for 2017 so it is temporarily down. Should be back up soon with new information. Thanks!