The Ultimate Trip Planning Guide

The Ultimate Trip Planning Guide

Planning a trip can be challenging and expensive but it doesn’t have to be. By using the best travel resources and following this Trip Planning Guide you can plan the ultimate vacation that fits your travel style. Where Do You Want to Go Ask yourself these questions: do you have your heart set up a specific city, region, or weather? Flexibility is key when planning and will provide a lot more options for flights and accommodation. For example, if you want to go to the Caribbean but you must go to Antigua you might find yourself paying more for a flight. But it you are open to other…

Book Cheap Flights Skyscanner

How to Book Cheap Flights with Skyscanner

I use a lot of tools and travel resources to find the cheapest flight for my next trip if you have used any of those resources over the past few years you will know that Skyscanner…

Photos from Indonesia

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is home to more than 17,500 islands. Bali is the most well-known for good reason but there are many other beautiful places around Indonesia that are not to be missed. On this visit to Indonesia…