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WeHostels: A Social Booking Site for Travelers

What makes hostels, guest houses, and CouchSurfing so exciting? It’s the people. The like-minded travelers you meet along the way add to the travel experience. A great host is wonderful but meeting someone to explore the city and grab a beer with is even better. WeHostels has the answer. It was founded with the belief that “travel is not about the places you visit but about the people you meet along the way.” WeHostels is social booking app for hostels, beds, and couches all around the world.

Here is my experience with it:

The first thing you will notice is WeHostels is 100% mobile. Just use your smart phone to find a hostel for your destination or current city. This allows you to find budget accommodation as well as make new friends as your journey takes you around the world.

Getting Started

First, download the app.


Wehostels App

As soon as you open the app you can “Explore” hostels or “Join” by logging in with Facebook. This is the key to the social aspect of the app. Creating a profile will allow others to see which hostels you are staying in and increases your odds of meeting new people on your trip.


WeHostels Booking

WeHostels Booking

When you choose a hostel you will then be presented with prices, room options, and “They will be there.” Scroll through profiles and see how many people and who will be at your hostel on the same night. You can even chat with them in the “Hostel Chat” area. Hostels were designed for travelers to meet each other and WeHostels makes it easier than ever.


We travel to see amazing places, try new foods, and have experiences we can’t find anywhere else. None of those things would be possible without people. Making new friends in foreign cities is one of my favorite things about traveling. Because of traveling and making new friends I can say I have a couch to sleep on in Havana and a floor to sleep on in Saigon 🙂 and many more cities around the world. I wouldn’t give up those experiences for anything. WeHostels is the app we need to take travel to the social level.

So Check out WeHostels and you may never go back to a regular booking app again. I wish I would’ve had this app when I first started backpacking 10 years ago but I am happy to have it now and will be using it on all of my upcoming trips. Share your experiences and start by booking a hostel with WeHostel.

Download the app here

I have been traveling to over 100 countries by using the methods I share on this site. My goal is to maximize every trip and make the most of my adventures. Join me on Instagram.

  • Chris Peck

    I wouldn’t exactly call it 100% mobile – it’s for IOS only, unless they’re hiding the Android App somewhere.

    • No, you’re right Chris. It is iOS only right now but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it available for Android in the future. It used to have web based booking as well which is why I referred to it as 100% mobile but I should clarify it is not available for all mobile devices. Thanks for pointing that out.