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Use Spacepaks to Maximize your Luggage Space

Flying today is all about how much we can carry-on with us because nobody wants to pay the baggage fees associated with checking a bag. So this means the way you pack will largely effect how much you can take on your trip. I recently used packing cubes and a maximum carry-on bag( the Tom Bihn Aeronaut) to fit over 2 weeks of travel in one bag. What really allowed me to bring everything I need was the packing cubes.

Many different companies make these but I had been trying to get the Spacepaks from Flight 001 for some time but they were sold out until recently (many are back in stock now). Now that I got my Spacepaks I can compare them to the much cheaper eBags I purchased as an alternative.

eBags Packing Cubes


This set comes in three different sizes and its about perfect fit for a carry-on bag. They come in 7 colors and are about $30. So compared to the high price of spacepaks these seem like the obvious choice at first glance. They get the job done for organization but only offer the minimum for packing. They do not offer a large amount of compression for your clothes and the material is just ok. I do not see these lasting a lifetime but would certainly do the trick for a few shorter trips.

You can read some review on Amazon Here.

[xrr rating=4/5]


Spacepaks from Flight 001


This 3-pack will run you $98. You can buy individual bags for less if you don’t need the shoe bag or toiletry kit. It is there only package deal available but will save you $8 if you want all three together.



The blue spacepak pictured above is the one I wanted to focus on. It is comparable to the largest bag from the eBags but offers a lot more at $46. First of all what you see there is just the shell of the bag. It is made out of a very high quality material and protects the bag on the inside.

What I like most about this bag is that it has 2 sides of compartments to it once you remove the shell. One for clean clothes and one for dirty.


Just flip it over for dirty clothes.


What is great about this feature is that it allows for the maximum compression of your clothes which gives you even more space. A spot for my dirty clothes is something I always need and usually just end up grabbing the laundry bag from the hotel closet but this offers a much better solution.


Flight 001 offers Paks for clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletry, lingerie, and suits. There are a variety of colors available. One more thing I really like is the extra bag(the shell I mentioned above) every pak comes in. This bag can be used for extra compression of the clothes or removed for the trip home to use to carry the extra gifts you bought for friends. It can serve many purposes which I like.


This is a tough call since but get the job done. I think the Spacepak offers more compression, higher quality, longevity, and serves more purposes. Although it costs more I would go for this if you can spend the extra money because it will last you longer. If you are buying for your kid backpacking across Europe than go with the eBags. But for me I will stick with my Spacepaks.

Lastly, I like the recommendations and pictures the Spacepak offers on how to fold and maximize space. I couldn’t find a shot from their site so heres one from my phone. They really pay attention to detail which I like.

[xrr rating=5/5]



If you need one last reason to spend a little more check out this video from Flight 001. And trust me I did 2 weeks with packing cubes no problem. I even brought home clean clothes I didn’t wear.


How to pack for a 2 week trip with Spacepak from FLIGHT 001 on Vimeo.

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