Travel Adaptor Guide

Visiting a new country often means figuring out if you will need to get a new travel adaptor for your gadgets. Luckily, Flight 001 made a map for us so we can stop googling for the answer.

Flight 001 Adaptor Map


The easiest way to figure out what adaptor you will need is to simply use their “find adaptor” feature which will you what you need and provide you with some options to purchase. It’s quick and easy and they have a great selection of adaptors. Flight 001 is becoming one of my favorite travel sites for unique items and gifts. They already sell my my packing favorite, SpacePaks.

To find which adaptor you need for your upcoming vacation head over to Flight 001.

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  • I’ve got this bad boy:

    … and love it so far. Works super easy and because it’s all in one, packs up pretty nicely.

    • Clint Johnston

      I like that, I have an all in one too and Amazon is definitely the place to get a good deal on one. I really just like the useful map on Flight 001. I’ve knocked out the power twice with my razor and a bad converter, haha, so it is important to get a good one.

  • Rodger

    Cool map! Works well if it’s detected where you’re from (and therefore what socket needs to be on the other end of the adaptor). – lets you tell it where you’re coming from and where you’re going and it sorts out the rest (with considerations for voltage and frequency differences).