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How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

The most popular post on Triphackr is How to Use Your iPhone Abroad for Free. This is because nobody likes surprise charges on their cell phone bills when they return home from vacation. While there are ways to use your iPhone or any smartphone for free while you travel it does come with some limitations.

 How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

This is why you should consider unlocking your phone when you travel.

This is not illegal. This does not require jailbreaking your phone.

This is simply giving your phone the ability to work with other SIM cards on other carriers. For example, this means when you travel to Mexico you can use a Mexico cellular provider and use cheap data plans. The same goes for almost every country in the world.

Don’t pay your carrier at home insane prices for data when it’s cheaper to use a local SIM card with your unlocked phone.

Local SIM cards are cheap and easily available online or on arrival in a new city. Most of the world is able to swap SIM cards as they please but we are locked into one carrier. Unlocking your phone is easy and this method will show you how I did it.

Why Should You Unlock Your Phone?

  • Avoid roaming charges when you travel
  • Use any carrier or network and keep your own
  • Resell it unlocked for use with other carriers
  • It is perfectly legal
  • You are free to use any SIM card in any country in the world

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

I used UnlockBase to unlock my phone. They do all the work and I just enter some information about my phone.

Here are the steps to unlocking your phone with UnlockBase.

Step 1: Choose your manufacturer

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

Simply select the manufacturer of your phone and click ok.

Step 2: Choose Your Model

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

I carry an iPhone 6 so I clicked the phone and moved on to step 3. Simple.

Step 3: Enter Network Country and Carrier

For me this was the U.S. and AT&T

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

Step 4: Enter Additional Details and Order

The price will vary based on your phone and carrier.

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

Enter your email address and your IMEI (Don’t worry they show you how to find this- it’s easy).

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

 Step 5: Unlock Your Phone

Unlock Base will provide you with a turnaround time to unlock your phone before you place the order. When they email you that the order is complete they will give you the final step to unlock your phone. Complete the final simple step and you are done.

Now you can use your phone with any carrier in any country around the word.

Learn more at UnlockBase


I have been traveling to over 100 countries by using the methods I share on this site. My goal is to maximize every trip and make the most of my adventures. Join me on Instagram.

  • brtravel

    All Verizon 4G capable devices (iPhones 4S and newer) are unlocked from the factory. It looks like they charge $19 to ‘unlock’ these phones, how kind.

  • Anita

    How didn’t I know about that? Love your blog!

  • Lucas Novosad

    That’s great article these guys I used are not bed either http://www.mobileunlocked.com

  • Olivia

    If my iPhone is still in an AT&T contract will I be able to go back to my contract once I return from my trip?

  • Abdul Aleem Alexander Bourgeoi

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just use CanadaUnlocking.com ?

  • Lauren

    Hi! Thanks for this helpful article. I’ll be traveling in SE Asia and have never unlocked my phone. I have been approved by my network carrier to unlock my phone, but have not done it yet. Do I need to do it right before my trip or can I do it a week or two in advance? I wasn’t sure if unlocking my phone now would affect my phone capabilities while I’m still in the US. Also, when I’m switching out SIM cards in different countries, will I be retaining my US phone number or getting a new phone number with each new SIM card? Thanks in advance for your response!

  • Abdul Aleem Alexander Bourgeoi

    Thanks for the info. After searching google reviews i decided to go with http://www.herounlocker.com instead, it was much cheaper than the one mentioned in the post.

  • Tim

    Good luck unlocking your At&t iPhone for $9. Come on. Unlockbase isn’t even the best service out there. It has a big website but it falls short of unlocking contract phones. There are websites that specialize in these unlocks and they are Swiftunlocks, UnlockiPhone6.us (for At&t iPhone 6), etc. Definitely not Unlockbase. Just heads up.

  • Pastor Stephen

    Why would I pay anybody to unlock my phone, when all I have to do is contact my current carrier and make the request for free?