How to Maximize Netflix Sign-up Bonuses

Netflix is always running promotions for new member for 1,500-4,000 miles on most airlines. This is a solid reward for signing up for a useful service for just $7/month.

According the my favorite leader in the points department, The Points Guy, you can take advantage of this offer by signing up multiple times. Netflix requires very little information to sign-up so all you would need is a few different credit cards and a few different email addresses. I know I have email addresses just for spam and if you don’t it takes less than 3 minutes to make a new one on google. If you are into points chasing you probably have a few credit cards and at least one debit card to use on this as well.

Keep in mind to maximize this deal you will have to spend about $28 for more than one subscription you don’t need. But when you break it down you will be saving money based on how much those miles are costing you. No miles are ever free no matter what. The key is to get them for less and this is one of those opportunities.

Best offer: United Mileage plus- 4,000 Miles

More offers to maximize miles:

American AAdvantage- 2,500 Miles

Delta SkyMiles- 2,500 Miles

US Airways Dividend Miles-1,500 Miles

In total you are looking at 10,500 miles at a very cheap price. Much cheaper than buying miles or most other offers. It will take 8-10 weeks for your miles to post but you should be able to cancel after one month.

Netflix via The Points Guy

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