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Slicks Travel System

Gear Review: SLICKS Travel System

I love travel backpacks and I’m always in search of great backpacks to try out that fit my travel style. I like minimal designs and sleek designs that are versatile. Favorites such as the GORUCK Echo, Tortuga, and Minaal have all met that description and that is why I was excited to see the SLICKS…

Lenore Capsule Backpack

IGNOBLE Lenore Capsule Backpack Review

I love versatile backpacks and gear because they allow for more flexibility when traveling. When I saw the Lenore Capsule Backpack I was intrigued. IGNOBLE created a extremely durable and versatile backpack I was lucky enough to get the chance to test it out for the last few months. To conduct this review I made this…


Use the Hoboroll to Maximize Packing Space

Trying to fit more than 1 weeks worth of clothes into your carry-on or back pack can be a challenge. There are often times when I need 2+ weeks of clothes and I know I won’t have an opportunity to wash them during that time period. This means packing space is critical and maximizing what…


Gear Review: Booq Vyper XS3 MacBook Case

A laptop sleeve may seem like something not worthy of a review but after using this for a few months and testing it to the max I can honestly say its worth the money and needed for anyone with a MacBook Air. My MacBook Air is probably the most important gadget I travel with besides…