Airport Guides

Airports can be confusing the first time you arrive in a new one. Finding what’s near your gate in terms of food, hotspots, and entertainment is usually best achieved by exploring the airport. While that is a nice time killer in between flights I would prefer to know where I am going when I get to a new airport.

Airport Chatter is doing exactly that. It was recently launched with to take the hassle out of navigating airports.

The average airport has three terminals, 18 airlines, 40 eateries, 30 shops, 25 services, three lounges, public transportation, taxis, limos, shuttles, long-term parking, short-term parking and an array of hotels nearby, according to Airport Chatter, which hopes to help travelers quickly locate what they are looking for and display where the venue is located.

The database of airports is continuing to grow with user reviews and feedback. It’s a great start and hopefully they add more international airports soon.

Here is my experience with it:

John F Kennedy International Airport  JFK

From there you can choose one of the options on the left. For example, selecting terminals will provide you a list of the airlines that are there and a brief description of it.

The most useful thing by far is the “Eateries” tab.

John F Kennedy International Airport  JFK 1

It will bring up a full list of the eateries in the airport including coffee shops, bars, fast food, and restaurants where you can take a seat. It also includes the terminal number so you know where to find it.

“Services” includes things such as ATMs, baggage storage, currency exchange, and spas. Again, useful information in an airport you are unfamiliar with.

You can check it out for yourself here. I think this could be a very useful tool especially as it expands and more users submit reviews and give feedback.

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