The 20 Minute Travel Workout

If you are a frequent flyer, backpacker or just a vacationer you know getting a workout in can be tough. Hotel gyms can be limited, crowded or even non-existent which is why I prefer another method. I always find myself without a quality gym in hotels and hostels or foreign countries. The 20 minute hotel room workout is a great solution to this problem. Most of us, whether it’s travel for business or pleasure, don’t have a lot of time to get a full workout in which is why I stick to this travel workout. On vacation you are not typically going to be training too hard but you may want to maintain all that hard work you have put in at the gym at home which is why I always try to get a few of these workouts in on the road.

Who is this for:

  • Business traveler
  • Casual traveler
  • Hotels with no gym/limited gym
  • Backpackers
  • Travelers staying in hostels, vacation rentals, or guesthouses
  • For anyone who wants a great workout away from home


The 20 Minute Hotel Room Workout:

1) Body Weight Squats- (15-25 reps)


2) Push Ups- (15-20 reps)

This is your standard push up.


2-B) Incline Push Ups- (10-15 reps)

Push Up variation- Incline Push ups. Simply use the bed for this.


2-C) Decline Push Ups- (10-15 reps)

These are more difficult than the previous 2 push up exercises. Skip these if regular push-ups were enough for you.


3) Planks- (hold 30 seconds)

You will want to keep your core tight and your body aligned while holding this position. Try for 30 seconds the first time and if that’s too easy go for 45 seconds the second time.



4) Chair Dips- (10-15 reps)

This a great workout for your triceps and all you need is a chair.


5) Advanced- Split Squat

This one is little more advance than the rest but if you are able it is a great workout. All you need to do is place one foot on the bed and the other out in front of you do and perform and standing split leg squat.




Perform all of these exercises one after another in a circuit. Take a short 60 second breather and repeat the circuit 3 times or as many as your level of fitness permits. This short circuit can easily be done in 20 minutes right in your room and is probably better than hitting the hotel gym even if there is one.

Bonus exercises:

For those who have more time or need more to add to their workout below are a few more easy hotel room exercises.

Advance Planks- 30 seconds

Add these to your planks to really target your core and make it a little more difficult.


Flutters- 20-30 reps

The key here is to really feel your shoulder blades come together and squeeze them at the top of your are extension. These are harder than they look.


Advance Lunges- 30 reps each side


A great way to cool down is with some jumping jacks. Do a set of 50-100 jacks and call it a day. This workout will keep you in shape on vacation is a even a great workout at home. Body weight exercises should always be incorporated into your exercise programs.

It is important to modify this workout to fit your level of fitness. If you can only do 5 push ups that is perfectly fine but don’t overdo it. Simply make it work for you and get a great workout in on the road.

*Please note I am in no way affiliated with these videos or FitBusinessTrip but I they are a great guide to working out in your hotel room. He has more videos on his Youtube channel here.




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