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Routehappy Finds the Best Quality Flights

Routehappy wants you to fly better which is the philosophy of their site. Using routehappy you can find the best quality flights and avoid the worst ones every time.

Here is how it works:

First, there is the ability to compare amenities by flight, aircraft quality, seat type, entertainment, plug availability, and WiFi for every route. However, the most useful information comes from the flyers experiences. You can read reviews and experiences from individuals and get a more accurate description of the flight and share your own.

I love this feature because sometimes there are things you cannot find on seatguru or from a simple Kayak search result. For example, this past weekend I flew home from Amsterdam in Economy Comfort in an exit row. This is almost as good as first class in my book. Seatguru let me know the seat had extra legroom and full recline(plus economy comforts extra inches of recline). I thought this was perfect. What I did not know is being directly seated to the bathroom is very annoying. It did indicate “proximity to lav” as a possible problem but I could reach out and touch one of the doors if I wanted and people do not stop going to the bathroom on a 9 hour flight (this is likely my own fault but honestly I did not think it would be that bad) Secondly, there was no screen shade on this exit row. This sounds like a trivial complaint but when this is after a 7 hour layover in AMS after a 8 hour flight from Dar es Salaam a screen shade is a big factor in getting some sleep on a daytime flight. Some exit rows have them and some do not. This was the only one without it on the plane. And lastly, the plane was very old with poor entertainment.

A user review could have prepared me for this or led me to move my seat. There were other economy comfort seats open 24 hours prior to check-in but it is hard for me to pass up exit row seating at 6’2.”

Here is an example of my experience with routehappy:

Best nonstop flights and airlines from Minneapolis St Paul MN to Amsterdam Netherlands on Routehappy












I ran a search between Amsterdam and  Minneapolis since I just flew that route this past weekend.

Best nonstop flights and airlines from Minneapolis St Paul MN to Amsterdam Netherlands on Routehappy 1










As you can see it provides the average route score along with information about plane types and “flyer tips.” I can say I have flown this flight in 8 hours with video on demand and in 9 hours without and it makes a very big difference the flight experience. Having a place to share my experience with other flyers is great. It makes it easier to pick the right flight or perhaps even a different route with better flight quality.

Check out routehappy before you fly and learn more about them at routehappy.com. And sign-up and share your experiences so others know what to avoid.

I have been traveling to over 100 countries by using the methods I share on this site. My goal is to maximize every trip and make the most of my adventures. Join me on Instagram.