Reasons to Travel Solo

Traveling with friends is how most of us experience the world and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way to share experiences and costs but everyone needs to experience solo travel at least once in their lives. It may seem a little daunting at first and just the idea of it can be frightening but it is definitely something every traveler should experience at some point.

Why You Should Travel Solo



First, I want to explain the idea of solo travel because it sounds like you will be alone but that is not the case at all. You are simply a independent traveler who will be making new friends and meeting other travelers constantly. Traveling alone will almost force you to meet new people and that is something you could’ve missed out on traveling in the safety net of a group of friends.




Why You Should Travel Solo

  1. There is no itinerary you have to follow except your own. Maybe you are used to making the plans but this way there will be no discussion. You will see and do everything you want. You don’t have to go see something that has no interest to you.
  2. You will meet a lot more people. Of course, no matter how you travel now you meet people but traveling alone forces you to meet people. There are simply more opportunities to and there is that basic need to want to share experiences with others. You will be able to open up to new people you meet on your journey and also learn a lot more about others in the process.
  3. Independent travel will lead to a new found confidence. Whether it is getting over the idea of speaking to people at your hostel or simply the confidence you gain from planning and completing your solo trip.
  4. You set the budget. This may not seem like a money saver since you can’t split costs but there are times when friends raise the costs of travel. For example, they may want to eat out more often and at pricier places. They may prefer private hostel rooms over shared. There are ways to save money while traveling solo and I will cover that later. Setting your own budget is a great benefit of traveling alone.
  5. Opportunities. I know when I have traveled in the past there are always solo travelers who end up tagging along with my group for a few days and its great. I always wondered what it was like to be on that side of the travel experience. This happens all the time when someone you meet suggests you come with them and after a couple days you head back off on your own. It may lead to seeing things you have never heard of or just some great new friends. Either way its another example of why setting your own itinerary is great.
  6. It’s challenging. This is not a negative part but actually a great part of solo travel. Setting personal goals for your trip, planning the whole thing, being in charge of every detail. Those things are not easy and sometimes its helpful to divide up the work with some friends. However, when you return from your successful solo adventure you will have really built your confidence knowing you achieved your goals.
  7. You may discover you love solo travel. I love traveling with groups of friends and will continue to but once you experience independent traveling you will definitely go back to it. The freedom, the people you meet, the new things you try because you were alone. All of those factors and many more will lead you back down the path of solo travel.

Bottom line, go for it. There are a lot more than 7 reasons and you will discover that as you experience it. It is something every traveler should feel at least once. Look for my upcoming post on how you can hack your solo travel and actually save money.

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