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Ontario’s Best Beaches

JustFly’s Guide To Ontario’s Best Beaches

When one thinks of Canada they probably think of endless Winter, hockey, and other Winter activities. While long, hard Winters are a part of many Canadians lives every year, much of Canada is extremely temperate in the Summer months with some cities, like Vancouver and Victoria, seldom seeing snow year-round. With that kind of climate comes great opportunities to hit the beach and grab some sun. That may lead you to ask where are Canada’s best beaches? Frankly, there are hundreds of candidates for this list, so I decided to narrow it down to the province of Ontario. As Canada’s most southernly and most population province, I figured it would be a great place to start. In order to figure out what the bets beaches in Ontario are I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency. They gave me three of the province’s best to get us started!

Wasage Beach

Wasaga Beach is remarkably popular amongst people from Toronto looking for a real beach to visit in the Summer. Located Northwest of Ontario’s capital, Wasaga Beach is a party beach, with many lake-side bars, restaurants, and shops. Featuring 14 kilometres of white sand, there are also lots of places to find privacy and respite from the more rowdy main beaches. In terms of other attractions, the area is home to small breweries, wineries, and quaint towns ripe for exploring.

Grand Bend Beach

Located two hours West of Toronto, Grand Bend beach is similar to Wasaga Beach in the sense it does attract some partying, but the area itself is very calm and mostly agricultural. In fact, while Grand Bend is the focal point, JustFly says there are close to 30 kilometres of beach stretching both North and South of town and various towns built around cottage tourism. The area features a rustic drive-in theatre, drag racing, and numerous restaurants and bars waiting to capitalize on beach-goers.

Sandbanks Beach

Located in one of Ontario’s nicest Provincial Parks according to JustFly’s review, Sandbanks Beach isn’t just good in terms of reviews, it’s actually a record holder for its massive sand bars and dunes. Looking more like something you might see in a desert, the surrounding park is great for unique exploring and relaxing while the water and beach itself is second to none when it comes to lazy days sitting in a beach chair in the water thanks to the generous sand bars.


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