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Five Free Things In Montreal To See This Summer

JustFly Hacks: Five Free Things In Montreal To See This Summer

There is nothing better than spending some time in Montreal, Quebec during the peak of Summer. Between huge music festivals, rampant terrace sitting, and great restaurants, there is no shortage of fun things to get up to. But, what if you are doing Montreal on a budget? Well, you’re in luck according to JustFly, an online travel agency. JustFly review’s destinations for their customers, no matter their budget, and they say Montreal has plenty to offer those who prefer to travel on the cheap. They provided me with a list of five great, and 100% free, things to do in the city of Montreal.

Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

One of the best museums in the city, The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts is 100% free everyday. While this doesn’t get you into their specialty exhibits, the permanent collection at this museum is massive and covers many time periods and styles. Those who visit the free section are also able to take part in free tours which occur regularly throughout the day.

Redpath Museum

Located very close to the Museum Of Fine Arts is the Redpath Museum. This small museum is located on the campus of McGill University and features a large collection of fossils, taxidermy, archeological finds, and geological wonders. While the museum is free, they do ask for a donation. Regardless, it is a very fun museum filled with helpful guides who are always very interested in educating visitors about the exhibits.

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

Invading the downtown core every Summer, the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is a can’t miss music festival according to JustFly. Unlike larger festivals like Osheaga or Heavy MTL, this festival features numerous free performances, and conveniently located in Montreal’s downtown core. This year’s festival takes place between June 30th and July 9th.

Parc Mont Royal

Great all year round, Parc Mont Royal provides some of the most stunning views of the city and great trails for hiking, biking, or just wandering. In the Summer, people are welcome to take a swim at Beaver Lake, which, to little surprise, doubles as a fantastic skating rink in the Winter if you find yourself in Montreal again in the Winter months.

The Old Port

Montreal’s historic district, The Old Port is lined with cobblestone streets, centuries old buildings, and street performers. Sitting along the waterfront, it’s a great place to relax, snap some pictures, and enjoy a Summer’s day. Beware though, JustFly says the restaurants in this area are a bit pricey, so have a plan to eat if you want to avoid a bigger bill at lunch or dinner.

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