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Use the Hoboroll to Maximize Packing Space

Trying to fit more than 1 weeks worth of clothes into your carry-on or back pack can be a challenge. There are often times when I need 2+ weeks of clothes and I know I won’t have an opportunity to wash them during that time period. This means packing space is critical and maximizing what…

The Mojito Wallet

The Mojito Wallet

When I travel a couple of the things are most important things to me are security and portability and just traveling light in general. This is why I don’t ever carry a bulky wallet and keep my personal items as close to me as possible. I am not one for carrying ugly money belts or…


Scrubba Washbag Review

Whenever I travel for an extended trip, let’s say more than 10 days, I have to make careful packing decisions. I never want to bring more than I need but if I am traveling for a couple of weeks I will probably run out of clean clothes with just a backpack or carry-on sized bag….

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Travel Adaptor Guide

Visiting a new country often means figuring out if you will need to get a new travel adaptor for your gadgets. Luckily, Flight 001 made a map for us so we can stop googling for the answer.   The easiest way to figure out what adaptor you will need is to simply use their “find…