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How to Travel to Cuba as an American

How to Travel to Cuba as an American

Cuba has been off-limits to Americans since 1960 when a trade embargo was put in place. This essentially made Cuba completely off limits for Americans. Europeans and travelers from nearby countries have been freely traveling to Cuba for decades and finally it is much easier for Americans to visit this northern Caribbean island. Recently things…

Havana Cuba

How to Book a Flight to Cuba as an American

Updated May, 2015 Cuba has been off limits to Americans for decades. Prior to the recent changes travel to the island nation required everyone to apply for a license though OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control). However, most Americans are not going to qualify for this license. The good news is nobody needs to apply…

How to travel to Cuba as an American

How to Travel to Cuba Without a License

Cuba is an amazing country with an amazing history of music, wonderful people, and beautiful beaches and cities. It is unfortunate Americans can’t travel there easily. This is a guide on how to travel there without a license issued by the United States, which is what I did before the major changes in January, 2015….

Travel Guide to Havana Cuba

Havana Travel Guide

Havana is the top city to visit in Cuba every year. It is a city of music, nightlife, old houses and American cars, and cigars. There are fantastic places to eat and nightlife can’t be beat. Where to Stay Cuba is only off limits (partially) to Americans but they still have a lot of tourism…