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Best Travel Apps 2014

Best Travel Apps of 2014

It is time to take a look at some of my favorite travel apps that I use when I travel. Apps are a handy way to stay organized and up to date on the road. A lot of great apps made the list last year and this year I am adding categories for the best…

The Art of Travel Hacking- Book a Free Flight

The Art of Travel Hacking: Learn to Fly for Free

    Wouldn’t you love to book FREE flights and FREE hotel rooms all over the world? Or fly first class on a dream vacation for free? Well you can because I do it every year. I earn hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles every year- Without ever getting on a plane!  How is…

Cheap Travel accommodation 101

Travel Hacking Accommodation 101

Welcome to travel hacking accommodation 101. This is where you will find the best options for finding accommodation around the world. From using points, to sleeping in hostels, to negotiating a deal on an apartment rental you will find it here. The most expensive costs related to travel are typically the flight to your destination…

How to Book a Cheap Flight

How to Book Cheap Flights Anywhere in the World

The Always Up To Date Guide To Booking Cheap Flights Hacking a fight typically requires the use of miles or points to book reward travel. Earning miles and points takes time and they are not always readily available to use. That is why I have relied on the travel tools and resources already available to…