Budget Airline Guide

There are often times while traveling that the bus or train will not work for your travel needs. Whether it is because you are short on time or you have a long distance to cover there are many reasons to fly to destinations while traveling. The most difficult thing about booking those flights is that you may not be aware of all the local carriers in the country you are visiting. Local airline carriers will often have the best deals on flights and especially budget airlines.

For example, most travelers who have been to Europe have flown or at least heard of RyanAir. It is an ultra-lowcost airline that flies all over Europe and from Europe to other parts of the world. However, you may have never heard of this airline while doing your research from home and may be missing out on amazing deals. I once booked a flight from London to Venice for 1 cent plus tax after my girlfriend bought her flight. BOGO for 1 cent! An amazing deal. The point is you need to be aware of these regional budget airlines.

AirAsia is comparable to RyanAir but for SE Asia and is awesome. I have used it to fly all over SE Asia and even all the way from Korea to Malaysia for far less then China Air or Korean Air could’ve offered.

How do you find out about these regional airlines? Use the Budget Airline Guide. Just click on the world map on the region you are flying to and it will list all of the airlines in that area. You will see a list of airlines based in that country and budget airlines operating in that country.

Lets use Thailand as an example.


Step 1: Go to Budget Airline Guide and select the “Destinations” tab and click on Asia.

Budget Airline Guide Home | Budget Airline Guide
















Step 2: This will bring you to a page of budget airlines in Asia. Scroll down until you find Thailand.

Below you can see “Budget Airlines Based in Thailand.”

Budget Airlines in Thailand | Budget Airline Guide


















Followed by “Budget Airlines Operating in Thailand”

Budget Airlines in Thailand | Budget Airline Guide 1

















Step 3: Selecting any of the airlines listed will bring you to a detailed page with information about the airline including the following:

  • General info
  • Loyalty program
  • Forums
  • News
  • Destinations of the airline (the most important part)

This information can be very useful when planning a trip involving multiple short flights between cities in countries. Be sure to check all of the available budget airlines listed to see which offers the best deals.

So check out Budget Airline Guide and do your research because it will save you some cash.



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