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Photo Etiquette

Photo Etiquette Tips for World Travelers

Today we are all photographers whether you shoot with your iPhone or your DSLR it doesn’t matter because almost everyone takes photos when they travel. Most photos we take on vacation are pretty straight forward. A landscape here and a famous monument there but things start to get tricky in when you step into developing…

Pyramids of Giza

Stop Trying to Live Like a Local

Stop trying to live like a local when you travel. Everyone today is obsessed with finding “off the beaten track” restaurants and “authentic” experiences. They want to avoid the main attractions, large crowds, and pushy vendors because that is what a real traveler would do. Well, guess what? Being a tourist is wonderful. Take your…

Travel Hacking Quick Start Guide

The Airline Passenger Guide to Proper Etiquette

Air travel used to be a special occasion and people felt privileged to board an airplane. Even as a child I was always excited to fly and had (still have) better manners than the majority of passengers onboard. Many travelers today have become selfish, rude, and think it is their right to be on that…