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The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

I love my GoPro and I bring it everywhere I go now. It is so small and compact it never weighs me down and I can attach it to just about anything. Over the years I’ve tested a lot of GoPro poles, attachments, mounts and accessories. These are my favorite GoPro travel accessories. GoPros Your…


How WhatsApp Can Save You Money Traveling

If bring your phone on vacation it is likely you will want to be able to text home or stay in contact with other travelers in your group or those you meet along the way. There is a way for iPhone users to use their iPhone for free abroad. However, that relies heavily on WiFi…

How to Hack Delta WiFI

How to Hack Inflight WiFi

Inflight WiFi is what gets me through long flights. I love it but it isn’t cheap. In the past I have mentioned ways to trick Gogo into thinking you are using your mobile device to get a the reduced Gogo rate (for mobile devices) and this is similar. For the months of May and June…

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SpareOne Emergency Phone is the Perfect Backup Plan

Losing or breaking your phone is terrible when traveling but it is at least manageable if you are in a large city and can purchase a new pay as you go phone. However, there are times when you need a replacement phone right away during an emergency or other unforeseen travel events. The SpareOne Emergency…