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Airport micro hotels

The Best Airport Micro-Hotels

Airports are a terrible place to sleep and the there have been many times when I have had a long international layover, a flight cancellation, or a number of other unforeseen events where I simply need a power nap or extended rest. In most cases this means spreading out on some airport chairs or getting…

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30 Minutes of Free Gogo Inflight WiFi

Gogo is offering 15 minutes of free WiFi on Delta equipped flights. The offer is valid from June 15-30. They offer free internet from time to time and often 15 minutes is all you really need to check some email or social media. Currently you can already browse sites such as Amazon and Gilt for…


Airport Guides

Airports can be confusing the first time you arrive in a new one. Finding what’s near your gate in terms of food, hotspots, and entertainment is usually best achieved by exploring the airport. While that is a nice time killer in between flights I would prefer to know where I am going when I get…

Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag

Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag

Jet Leg is inevitable when you are covering long distances across the globe but and it can often effect you for days. This can slow down or alter your first couple of days in a new city and keep you from enjoying the best of what that city has to offer. I usually am not…