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Free Airbnb Coupon Code: Get $40 off Your Booking

Airbnb Coupon Code: Get $40 off Your Booking Free!

Airbnb is one of my favorite sites to rent vacation homes, apartments, and rooms around the world. They make it safe and simple to find a place and book it online. Airbnb is offering a $40 coupon code off your next booking even if it is not your first time using the site. Follow this step-by-step guide to use this Airbnb coupon code on your next booking.

If you want to learn more read on below and there are a few simple steps to make it work!

If you just want the $40 coupon code click here but keep reading if you want to learn more about this Airibnb coupon code.

Note that Airbnb sometimes offers $35 or $40 discount on your booking. This seems to be random but to take advantage of this Airbnb discount code all you need to do is follow the sign-up instructions below.

How to Get Your Free $40 Airbnb Coupon Code

1. Click here to access your free $40 and you will see the image below:

Free Airbnb Coupon Code: Get $40 off Your Booking

2. Click the big “Sign up to claim your credit” button. Click that and sign up using one of the options presented. It doesn’t matter if you sign up with Facebook, Google, or just use your email address.

Free $40 Airbnb Coupon Code

3: If you already have an Airbnb account you cannot sign up using Facebook again (or login with your current Airbnb info).

This Airbnb coupon code is only for new users but that is ok because there is still a way to earn the $40 Airbnb credit.

If you are already an Airbnb member all you need to do is create a new email address. Sign up for a new Gmail account here. It’s free. Use your new Gmail account to set up a new Airbnb account by using my link.

4. Complete your new Airbnb profile and start searching for that next vacation rental!

How Do I use My Credit for Airbnb

Using your credit for Airbnb is simple. Keep in mind the $40 credit is good for first time reservations only. and this is why I recommend signing up for a new account if you already have rented with Airbnb in the past.

The reservation total must be over $75 but that’s it.

All you need to know is it’s for first time reservations and reservations over $75 and you will automatically earn the $40 at checkout. You will see your Airnnb promotion applied as a discount in the price breakdown of your booking.

Where do I enter my Airbnb Promo code?

The $40 Airbnb travel credit automatically applied as a coupon on the checkout page when you book a qualifying reservation on Airbnb. There is no Airbnb promo code to enter at checkout. This Airbnb coupon code will be automatically applied when you complete your booking.

So that’s it.

All you need to do is click here to receive $40 off your next Airbnb booking for free!

How Do I Get My Own Airbnb Coupon Code?

When you sign-up for an Airbnb account you will get your own invite code that is custom to your account. This is your personal Airbnb coupon code and you can find this on your profile or under the credits tab. You can use this Airbnb travel credit link to share with your family and friends. By using this Airbnb custom link you will start earning additional travel credits good for future bookings on your account.

Share the Airbnb Discount Love With Friends

After you register for your new Airbnb account be sure to share the love and invite your friends. Go to “Invite Friends” in the top right menu and use your Airbnb unique link to earn $40 (up to $95 if they host). Your friend will earn $40 on Airbnb and so will you once they book accommodation for $75 or more. It’s a win win so share away!

I have been traveling to over 100 countries by using the methods I share on this site. My goal is to maximize every trip and make the most of my adventures. Join me on Instagram.

  • John

    No disclosure that you also receive something if people sign up with your link? Naught naughty.

  • JW
  • jack
  • Thy

    Unfortunately, codes are no longer accepted. Only an invite from a current member will get you a discount on your first book. For up to $100 in savings, please visit URL – https://www.airbnb.com/c/tantonio

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  • Alex


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  • Jerret Weddle

    Hey there! I did all this stuff and I didn’t receive a code. Would it be emailed?

    • brittany pratt

      Did you ever receive a code? Just curious before I try and do all this!

    • Jerret Weddle

      I did not. I’m almost certain that the system found a way to link my old account to my new one. I’ve used AirBNB before but my next trip is kind of pricey so I began looking for discounts. I’d still recommend trying it though to see if it works for you.

    • You can open a new Airbnb account and they will not link you old one. The coupon is automatically applied after you complete a qualifying booking. Try creating a new gmail account and airbnb account again to see if it works. It should work over and over.

    • There is no code actually emailed to you. The promotion is applied when you complete a booking automatically. Airbnb has a section where you can see all of your “travel credit” from referrals to signup from friends. This is where you know how much credit you have and can find out how much of a discount you will receive. No need to use an actual code when booking.

    • The promo is automatically applied when you sign up for a new account and complete a qualifying booking. There isn’t a code emailed or anything to apply manually.

  • Brad
  • amguesa21

    I already have an account but have not yet booked a trip. Didn’t seem like I received any sort of discount code from signing up to claim the credit. Is that just for people who don’t yet have accounts?

    • You don’t receive a coupon code by email. It is automatically applied when you complete a booking over the minimum reservation of $75. It is only for new accounts so you need to create a second account to use the code. Or if your travel partner doesn’t have an account they can do the same.

  • sahil

    Try this link if it doesn’t work! It may have reached the limit. Thank you for using my link. Happy traveling!


  • Ailani

    Aloha, Clint Johnston.

    You mentioned “Keep in mind the $40 credit is good for first time reservations only. and this is why I recommend signing up for a new account if you already have rented with Airbnb in the past.”

    Does Airbnb allow signing up for another account if already having one?


  • cm

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  • shannon

    Hahahaha good way of earning travel credits for yourself mate!

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