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Leatherman TREAD

Leatherman TREAD: A Wearable Multi-Tool For Adventure Travelers

This post brought to you by Leatherman. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Triphackr. I love hiking, trekking, and adventure photography. I’ve planned trips to Iran, Bhutan, Nepal, and Kilimanjaro for this sole purpose. It is why I travel and what I love to do. Some trips are more remote than others…

How to Travel to Cuba as an American

How to Travel to Cuba as an American

Cuba has been off-limits to Americans since 1960 when a trade embargo was put in place. This essentially made Cuba completely off limits for Americans. Europeans and travelers from nearby countries have been freely traveling to Cuba for decades and finally it is much easier for Americans to visit this northern Caribbean island. Recently things…

Best Travel Instagram Accounts 2017

10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow Around the World

Instagram is a fantastic resource for travelers. It provides travel inspiration, can introduce you to new places and lets you get to know people as they travel the world. I’ve made some great friends through the Instagram travel community and they’ve inspired me to see new places and help others do the same. Over the…

EgyptAir Took My Photo

EgyptAir Used My Photo and Face Without Permission

Travel writers, bloggers, and photographers have great jobs and it is hard to get away with complaining and not sounding like a spoiled little traveler. Trust me, I know I have a dream job but I also know EgyptAir doesn’t have the right to use my photographs or include my face on their site. I…

Belkin Portable Charger

3 Reasons to Carry a Portable Battery Charger

I’ve been carrying a portable battery charger ever since I realized how terrible the battery life on my iPhone was. However, over the years I’ve realized there are so many more uses for portable battery chargers. I carry them on long treks where there are no ways to charge my gear, in my backpack for…

Favorite Travel Gear

3 of My Favorite Travel Accessories

There are a few travel accessories I don’t travel without. These products keep my gear charged, make life easier, and improve things I already have. It just so happens Belkin makes some of my favorite travel accessories. Their products help power my devices at home and keep my batteries charged on the go. These are…

Book Cheap Flights Skyscanner

How to Book Cheap Flights with Skyscanner

I use a lot of tools and travel resources to find the cheapest flight for my next trip if you have used any of those resources over the past few years you will know that Skyscanner has always been one of my favorite sites to find cheap flights. Skyscanner makes it easy to find cheap…