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Miles and Points

Flights are expensive and one are the primary reasons a lot of people don’t travel as often as they would like to. When I was in college I was often guilty of paying full fare for an international flight to Europe and wasting money. However, over the past 10 years I have become an avid travel hacker.

Becoming a Travel Hacker

Using points and miles has allowed to me to offset the costs of flying to more than 65 countries. I often pay nothing with the exception of airline fees. For example, my next few flights this year were all booked with miles and the fees were under $60.

Earning miles isn’t just about credit cards, which is what scares most people away from travel hacking.

There are plenty of ways to start travel hacking without credit cards, but using them correctly will help you earn even more miles and points. That decision is up to you.

If you want to become a travel hacker, book free flights, and even hotel rooms take a look at my Quick Start Guide to Travel Hacking.

Quick Start Guide to Travel Hacking

How to Become a Travel Hacker

The key to travel hacking is learning the to maximize free airline loyalty programs which will lead to elite status and free flights. With a little time getting started you can start flying for free and saving money on travel expenses.

Best Travel Hacking Credit Cards

These cards will help you earn miles and points to redeem for free flights or hotel rooms. Find out which cards are best for you.

The Travel Hacking Cartel

Becoming a member of the Travel Hacking Cartel. The founder has been to every country in the world and is the godfather of travel hacking. Read my review and see if the Cartel is right for you or just sign up.

Earn Miles Booking Hotels with Rocketmiles

Rocketmiles is my new favorite site. When you book a hotel through their site you can earn thousands of miles. If I am staying in a hotel anyway I might as well earn a few thousand miles. Read more about Rocketmiles or sign up here.

Travel Hacking with No Credit or Even Bad Credit

Let’s face it not everyone has the excellent credit needed to apply for many of the top travel credit cards. Luckily you can still travel hack without credit cards. I have earned plenty of free flights without needing another credit card sign up bonus.

The Art of Travel Hacking

In my new book I tell you how to become a travel hacking master. Whether you just want to earn one free flight for your next vacation or you want to earn free flights for years to come- The Art of Travel Hacking will teach you how. Learn more about the book here.

Top Travel Resources

Travel hacking is known for being dedicated to miles and points but any time I save money I consider it a successful travel hack. Check out my Top Travel Resources and find out which sites I use to book flights, hotels. and deals around the world.

Award Booking Service

Can’t find the award flight you are looking for with your miles? Triphackr has partnered with Award Magic to help you maximize your miles and book the best award flight available for a great value. Learn more about Award Magic.