Kayak Hacker Fares

Kayak Hacker Fares

Kayak is one of the best tools for finding cheap flights and it just got even better. They recently added “Hacker Fares” to your search results.

                                                     What is it?

Kayak Hacker FaresThis simply makes your flight searching life easier. All it does is find two 1-way flights in your search results and pair them together as one round trip flight. It will usually be two different airlines that have cheaper 1-way flights than if you were to fly round trip on one. I have always searched this way in the past but Kayak has just made it easier for us to find the cheapest flights.


I made a few test searches with this feature and checking and unchecking the “Included Hacker Fares” box didn’t change a single price in any of flights but this doesn’t mean it’s useless. There will be times when it does find cheaper flights using this method and its good to know Kayak is looking out for travel hackers like us. Often, when I have used this feature manually it has been most useful on international flights but I am sure it will pay off domestically soon as well.

Lastly, keep in mind you should never be satisfied with your first flight you find. There may be cheaper or better flights out there so using multiple sites is key to finding the lowest airfare. Check out an earlier post on Flight Hacking if you haven’t and you will see what I mean in more detail.

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