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Quarry Bay: The Montane Mansion

Exploring Quarry Bay, Hong Kong: The Montane Mansion

Hong Kong has incredible architecture due to the blend of old and new buildings and cultures. Contemporary architecture is common and can be seen throughout the city. Modern architecture often clears out the older ones as they build up to make use of the limited land in Hong Kong. This is why Hong Kong has…

12 Awesome Things to Do in Hong Kong

12 Awesome Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a massive but awesome city. It has a well blend of traditional customs and modern architecture in one beautiful city. It is a city of 427 square miles but packs around 7.3 million people. Still, it is easy to navigate around. It is technically a Special Administrative Region of China and previously…

Macau City Guide

Experience the Cultural Side of Macau

When I touched down in Macau for the first time I had expectations to see the “Las Vegas of Asia.” I’ve been to Vegas many times and was truly hoping there was more to this former Portuguese Colony. Fortunately for me, with a little planning and direction from The Ascott Limited, I was able to…